Hover Craft 2013 - Sunday, December 8th from 12 - 6 at Turner Hall (1034 N 4th Street)

Supporting Local, Shopping Local. An event that combines crafts, bands & local businesses to showcase the rad people that make Milwaukee.

07 December 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Lindsay Marx

I am making small paintings and drawings that are nostalgic and atmospheric.  This is my first show and I think it's important for people to own original art and if they share the same sentiments I want them to be able to take home something they like.
Please visit my website:  http://lindsaymarx.com/

Vendor Spotlight: CENTER

Left-to-right; Cody Frei, Michael Senise, Tyler Roberts

CENTER specializes in handling art, making frames and stretcher bars to custom order with wood sourced from Wisconsin's great north woods. This practice, along with their flash floral fashion line, helps fund their interest in event curation with the goal of education, exposure and diversification.

Website: center-center.com

Vendor Spotlight: Bitty Life Terreriums

By day, I am an animal enthusiast...veterinary technician, animal massage practitioner, pet sitter, and dog walker.  At nightfall, I de-fur, put on my favorite records, pour a generous glass of wine, and create little worlds. Their soul purpose...to make you happy.  Itty bitty escapes.
I'm proud to be a part of Hover Craft, and itchin to see the smiles that my bitty worlds bring.  To be connected with such a fabulous group of creators and organizers is an honor.  And to be connected with the community is what its all about.  See you fine folks at Turner.

Vendor Spotlight: Kelli Busch

This year I've got bicycles on the brain.  They've inspired my paintings for subject matter and use of actual reclaimed tires turned into frames.  Old chains have been re-purposed into necklaces and keychains.  The imagery is simple but represents a sense of freedom and memory of that first ride as a child.  I wanted to create an entire bicycle-themed environment for HoverCraft this year, which led me to making many, many things.  Paintings, prints, t-shirts, keychains, necklaces, magnets, greeting cards, patches and wallets will all be united via this human-powered machine.

Vendor Spotlight: Paper Michelle

By day, I am a 7th grade science teacher in an inner city school. Although I love my students, 13-year-olds all day, every day can be stressful (and hilarious.) I need to have a creative, fun outlet to keep myself sane; punny stationery is my solution.

Here is the link for my Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/papermichelle

Vendor Spotlight: Eric Michael Hancock

Like most places in the world, Milwaukee has a talented, fortified collection of Gallery Artisans and Craftspeople. As a part of this community, you rarely have the opportunity to meet and share in each others talents. No two talents are exactly alike. Some folks create wearable arts from parts of bicycles and some fabricate clothing from scratch. I draw pictures and create prints inspired by interesting things around me that are beautiful, individual, natural, and occasionally overlooked. Trees and Birds and such. While drawing, there are a lot of unseen miniature images and sketches. I get a chance to bring these out into the light and find good homes and new walls for them to live. Maybe my drawings can make some new friends; in which I find comfort.
Visit http://www.digitalsnowmen.com to learn more!