Supporting Local, Shopping Local. An event that combines crafts, bands & local businesses to showcase the rad people that make Milwaukee.

05 November 2014

2014 Posters coming to a coffee shop window & community board in your neighborhood shortly!  

01 August 2014

Are you interested in applying to Hover Craft?? Here's how!!

Our application period lasts from August 1st to August 22nd.

To apply:

Potential vendors need to email by August 22nd with the following information:

  • The subject line of your email should read: 2014 Application
  • Your name, your business name, your website (if applicable), your email address and your phone number.
  •  3-5 images of your work, a link to your website, or a detailed description of what you intend to make.
  • If you want to share a booth you will need to apply together and you will need to supply Hover Craft with all this information for both vendors.

Vendor Information:
  • There is no application fee!
  • Booths will be approximately 8 x 8 and will be $75
  • To be able to vend at Hover Craft potential vendors need to be available from load in to load out on Sunday, December 7th.  Vendors must be present to run their booth throughout the day. 
  • There will be no late load-ins or early load outs. 

All applications must be submitted to Hover Craft by August 22nd.
You will hear from us by September 5th. 

How do we make our decision on who will get in?

Because our space is limited, there will only be a specific number of booths to fill.  A number of factors go into deciding who will participate including:

1.  Number of Applicants:  Hover Craft receives many more applications than we have space for.

2.  Innovation and original booth ideas:  Performances or items created should not be based on any pre-existing patterns or products.  Variety and innovation of vendors is important to us.  We do not have the space to support many vendors who make similar items, so think creatively before you apply!

3.  To adhere to our mission, Hover Craft favors individuals who do not have established businesses, own their own brick and mortar venues, or who have already been accepted this season to other established fairs in the city.  Does this mean established vendors will not be accepted?  No!  But this does factor into our decision.

4.  All participants must be living in the city of Milwaukee.

We review everyone's complete application and then we make our choices!

07 December 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Lindsay Marx

I am making small paintings and drawings that are nostalgic and atmospheric.  This is my first show and I think it's important for people to own original art and if they share the same sentiments I want them to be able to take home something they like.
Please visit my website:

Vendor Spotlight: CENTER

Left-to-right; Cody Frei, Michael Senise, Tyler Roberts

CENTER specializes in handling art, making frames and stretcher bars to custom order with wood sourced from Wisconsin's great north woods. This practice, along with their flash floral fashion line, helps fund their interest in event curation with the goal of education, exposure and diversification.


Vendor Spotlight: Bitty Life Terreriums

By day, I am an animal enthusiast...veterinary technician, animal massage practitioner, pet sitter, and dog walker.  At nightfall, I de-fur, put on my favorite records, pour a generous glass of wine, and create little worlds. Their soul make you happy.  Itty bitty escapes.
I'm proud to be a part of Hover Craft, and itchin to see the smiles that my bitty worlds bring.  To be connected with such a fabulous group of creators and organizers is an honor.  And to be connected with the community is what its all about.  See you fine folks at Turner.