WHAT IS Hover Craft? an annual holiday shopping extravaganza. This year we will host over 100 artists, crafters, makers and creatives of all sorts selling orignal creations they have designed and made with their own hands. Come and support our creative community while you buy unique gifts for everyone on your list.

27 October 2019

2019 Vendor Line Up!

Be Kind Recycle
Lion’s Tooth
Amanda Tollefson

18 July 2019

Calling all Artists, Crafters, Makers, Designers, & Performers!

16 December 2018

If you are interested in coming to shop in 2019, sign up and we will send you a reminder before the event!

Thank you for joining us for Hover Craft!  
2018 was our biggest year yet.  We are so excited to celebrate out 10th annual holiday shopping extravaganza in 2019!  We have a lot of fun things in store and we hope you will join us again to find special gifts you can buy straight from the maker.

When you support local, your community benefits!  Thank you again!!

08 December 2018

Hover Craft is Sunday, December 9th from 12 - 6!

For anyone looking for last minute information - here you go!

All details can be found here.

Parking!  Please do not park anywhere that says "no parking." This is very important.  Below you will find recommended parking places marked in green.  Then!  In pink, there is a parking lot we rented for the occasion.  Please feel free to park there as well!

The Hop! If you do not feel like dealing with parking - TAKE THE HOP! It's new and it's FREE, clean, fun, fast, efficient AND! It drops off at our front door.  Try that!  Here is a map of the route - Hover Craft is where the star is. 

Accessibility:  Hover Craft is available to all abilities.  There are ramps to accommodate everyone, right at the front door.  We are sensitive to every need!  If you need something that does not seem obvious, please do not hesitate to request help or insight from someone at the door.  We would love to accommodate you and we look forward to helping everyone enjoy every inch of our event!