WHAT IS Hover Craft? an annual holiday shopping extravaganza. This year we will host over 100 artists, crafters, makers and creatives of all sorts selling orignal creations they have designed and made with their own hands. Come and support our creative community while you buy unique gifts for everyone on your list.

07 December 2010

HoverCraft was awesome. Thanks Everyone!

The inaugural day of HoverCraft has passed. (Pictures here!)  The day after HoverCraft has passed also, because I decided to sleep in and then clean the house I have been too busy to deal with the past few weeks.  Today is as good as any day for a re-cap and a thanks.  HoverCraft went off without a hitch.  We had four brave ladies at the helm of this project since the beginning of September (Vanessa Andrew, Ashley Chapman, Alyssa Schulte and Cortney Heimerl), a few workers we hired for the day, an uncompromising guy to organize the downstairs DJs (Andy Menchal of Listening Party Records) a whole MixTape Club donating their mixes for the upstairs music, a very supportive venue (Bay View Brew Haus) all of our wonderful vendors ranging from crafters crafting, artists dabbling in craft, crafters dabbling in art, just plain old artists, interactive booths complete with laughter collection or fortune telling and an unknown amount of interested seekers (amateur oversight!  We forgot to count!)  knocking down our door at noon to come see what we had done.  Thank you to everyone!  You made the craft fair during the day lively and fun.    Thank you to everyone who came back for the show at night!  Thank you to the food vendors for staying late!  Thank you to the bands for playing on a Sunday!  We couldn't have done it without all this amazing support and your curiosity.  There aren't any concrete plans for next year.  But there probably will be eventually!  Stay tuned.  We will let you know! 


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