WHAT IS Hover Craft? an annual holiday shopping extravaganza. This year we will host over 100 artists, crafters, makers and creatives of all sorts selling orignal creations they have designed and made with their own hands. Come and support our creative community while you buy unique gifts for everyone on your list.

29 November 2012

Meet Your Maker: Erin Therrien

[Dock, goldenrod, and pine cone dyed silk drying on the line.]
 ["Although I already have quite a bit stocked up for Hovercraft this year, I’m kicking it into gear with my dyeing, printing and stitching.  I want to make sure I have a little something for everyone and have found that plant dyeing is so much more at my pace of living than chemical dyes," says Therrien. (photos above of sun-dyeing in jars]

Erin Therrien has been making art her whole life.  She began her dyeing, printing and sewing business not long ago as a way to compliment her fine art pursuits and through this discovered her passion for natural dyes.  Her book "Wild Dyes" is an introductory guidebook to natural dyeing concentrating on information specific to plants found in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.  Slowly, she is researching another book to expand on the natural dyes and include information on cultivating dye plants. 

Hover Craft focuses on attracting new makers each year, but because Erin has been rapidly expanding her dye repertoire, we are excited to have her back to showcase the new things she has discovered in the past year.

"I had a booth at Hover Craft last year and had an awesome time.  The venue has a really comfortable, uniquely "Milwaukee" feeling.  I also like that it showcases Milwaukee makers.  It's awesome to look around and see the range of talent and creativity that our city has to offer," explains Therrien.

When she's not working in her studio on her own work, she keeps busy with random freelance work including photography, upholstery, sewing and web design.  She volunteers a the Urban Ecology Center and has been working for the past year with a dedicated group to start the Riverwest Bakery Cooperative, which will also be at Hover Craft this season. 

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