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03 December 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Camp Goods

I've always made fire starters for camping out of laundry lint, paper egg cartons and the wax from the ends of candles. They're great fire starters. Even piles of wet wood will become warm and toasty with these to start things up! They've always been kind of weird and hairy from the laundry lint, and I'd always wanted to make them look nicer, so one year I put pine cones in to push the hairy laundry lint down and add to the flammability factor. Instantly, the pine cones looked like little trees and I thought about adding glitter and making them look like X-mas trees! Then I thought, "Hey they're little forests! they need creatures and people! Maybe they could also be sculpture gardens of strange objects! Ahhhhh!!!" 
In the meantime, somewhere else in my brain, I had been thinking for years about making dioramas and have been collecting little toys with the thought of putting these found and ready-made items into some kind of diorama work, but had not yet had connected all the dots on that idea. When I decided I wanted to try to get into Hovercraft I knew I needed a new product. 
My jewelry work is well known and established so I had to make something totally new for this show. The fire starters as dioramas were the perfect thing! New, unusual, kitchy, and fun. My friend Jackie was making mitten koozies for camping and around bonfires (and sporting events) so we paired up to form "Camp Goods" just for Hovercraft.

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