WHAT IS Hover Craft? an annual holiday shopping extravaganza. This year we will host over 100 artists, crafters, makers and creatives of all sorts selling orignal creations they have designed and made with their own hands. Come and support our creative community while you buy unique gifts for everyone on your list.

05 December 2014

Featured Vendor: Anja Notanja Sieger

Anja Notanja Sieger is a performance writer who composes letters and poetry for people, sometimes with drawings and other art. She comes to it by asking people what they want and promises to fulfill their dreams.

Growing up in Milwaukee, Anja moved to Kansas City in 2005 for college. She says that by 2010 she was broke, ill and missed the world's only freshwater inland sea. So she came back and have been here ever since.

As a writer, she has found success here in Milwaukee. Most notably, she was chosen as the 7th Pfister narrator where records the story of the hotel, the workers and its clientele. Anja is more than a writer. She straddles the line between writing and art and is interested in exploring even more.

"I'm not interested in being one thing and I am also not interested in only making stuff in isolation. I want to serve as many people as possible. Collaboration always strengthens the artist by introcuding them to other people' imagination. Also, you can see where people's imagination is stopped up. I am an imagination doctor, people pay me to get an adjustment. When healing live on the spot, I let people name their own price because I'm one of those nice doctors."

Come and find Anja at Hover Craft this Sunday. Fill out a form, answer any extra questions Anja may have for you and come back after a few minutes to receive your personal request granted. Inspired by the customer first and then also other writers like Roald Dahl, David Sedaris, Dr. Suess and Maira Kalman, Anja will come up with something so special and so unique you'll be paying her again to try to top it. And then again. And she will. Because she is really, very good at what she does.

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