WHAT IS Hover Craft? an annual holiday shopping extravaganza. This year we will host over 100 artists, crafters, makers and creatives of all sorts selling orignal creations they have designed and made with their own hands. Come and support our creative community while you buy unique gifts for everyone on your list.

05 December 2014

Vendor Spotlight: Mara & Gloria of Artery Ink

Artery Ink has been making waves in the creative community in Milwaukee since Mara and Gloria joined forces and started campaigning for healthier lifestyles through their art.  Together they make greeting cards, prints and tshirts inspired by their choices to live a healthier lifestyle.

"We have been artists for a long time, but it was only in the past few years that we really got into food, health and wellness.  We changed the way we ate and the way we lived and the results were amazing.  We were so inspired by this that we HAD to combine it with with our artwork in SOME way!  All of our cards and prints are wellness, health, and human body themed and they all have some fun wellness/nutritional facts on the back.  It's our way to spread wellness and share what we've learned about healthy food and the human body.  Our goal is to encourage other people to live healthier and become happier," explains Mara.

Artery Ink will have all sorts of new holiday cards just in time for Hover Craft!  They want to add something fun and different to the regular holiday shopping routine while encouraging people to stay healthy around the holidays! 

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